A Bazaar for Monetising Digital Content


Features you will love


Manage and sell your MP3s, videos, PDFs, audio or even software with ease.


Set up donations or sell your digital products so easily through social media, web, email or even print.


Uses the secure MonZap electronic cash system.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is MonZapity?

MonZapity has been created as a selling and trading platform aimed at people who want to sell digital goods online easily without having the big signups and fees. MonZapity has additionally been created for the Charity sector where donate QR code buttons can be easily created.

How does MonZapity work?

MonZapity works with the creation of a simple QR purchase code regardless of your product. Created as a digital PNG file this makes it very flexible for networking and sharing your products out whether its through social media, email, web or even print.

Is MonZapity free?

At present we are offering a free month’s trial to get people started. Price plans can be provided.

How does MonZap and MonZapity work together?

MonZap uses a scan function making it very easy to buy products from the MonZapity platform. Both systems log transactions so you are able to keep a record of what you are buying or spending.

Where can I use MonZapity tokens?

MonZapity QR codes are generated as PNG files so can be easily saved in your image gallery. This enables you to send your product tjhrough a message, email or why not put it on your website.

What is MonZap?

MonZap is an electronic payment system application that creates electronic coins of any value that can be used for buying products or services online.

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